baby ferrets

Buying a ferret

OK, so you have decided that you want to embark on the journey of owning a pet ferret, now for some more decisions to ponder about. Do you want a male or a female ferret? Should you get one or two ferrets? How about a baby or an adult ferret? One thing for sure is you want a healthy ferret so always buy from a reputable dealer.


It is up to you to decide whether you want a male or a female and what colour ferret you want, these are all down to your personal preferences. Both male and female ferrets require the same amount of time and space and their behaviour does not differ mush between them. Every ferret has its own personality and it is their character that makes them who they are, not what colour or sex they are.


Both male and female kits start out the same size when they are born, when they grow old and mature a male ferret will be about twice the size of its female counterpart.


Females must be spayed and de-scented unless they are repeatedly bred at each heat, if not they can quickly develop a serious disease called aplastic anemia, they can die from this. You must consider the cost of neutering you pet before you buy. We recommend buying from a trusted breeder or pet shop and always ask them if they have been neutered before completing your purchase.


The most common type of ferret is known as the ‘sable ferret’. There are many colours of this breed available, always ask the breeder what breed the ferret is.