ferret care

Ferret Care Guide General information :

The average lifetime of a ferret is form 6 to 8 years. The grown-up female weighs about 800 grams and male is about 1.2 kg. The ferrets come in various colours, but most of them are brown, gray and black. And the color is darker on the paws and tail.


Maintenance at home :

Ferrets have a strong and playful character. They are very sociable and like to be in the centre of attraction. Ferrets like twilight and are the most active after sunset and before sunrise.They sleep from eighteen to twenty hours of the day and wake up twice a day to eat, relieve themselves and play.


Ferret Care Maintenance of the ferret is possible in the flat in different ways : free maintenance, semi-free maintenance and in a cage. In any case, you'll need the cage, even if you want your pet rans freely everywhere in the home. Here are some 7 reasons:

1. the ferret should have his own home, where he could sleep, rest and take refuge in case of fright .

2. If you invite guests , you will be able to isolate your fidget for a time. Your guests can inadvertently harm or injure a ferret: to step on it, to press it with door, to sit on it, because ferrets are fast and nimble. Ferret - it's not a cat or a dog and you need to get used to and always remember about it.

3. Sometimes you need to lock your pet during cleaning the apartment. Many ferrets, and especially the young, frightened of sharp sounds or sound cleaner. it is better if your pet will be in his cage-house so as not to hurt their psyche.

4. If you are going to leave the apartment and are not sure that everything removed so that the ferret will not hurt yourself.


Ferrets are burrow-living animals and require a dark, quiet place to sleep. Boxes with old towels or sweaters are the most suitable places. Ferrets are extremely curious and will investigate anything and everything. This curiosity is the main reason of the accidents among ferrets. You need to watch closely your ferret when he is playing. If you allow your ferret to run freely everywhere in the home, you need to control washers, driers and etc before use.


You need to choose some accessories in addition to the cage for maintenance your pet.

1. toilet. You can use the usual trays for cats. You need no less than two trays - one in the cage ande other in the room.

2. bowl for food. It can be any bowl resistant to rollover.

3. drinking bowl.

4. hammock.

5. toys and pipes. You can buy them in the pet store or make them yourself. It is important to watch closely for toys condition because ferret can gnaw and swallow the part of the toy. An intestinal obstruction of the ferret is a terrible event.

6. breast-band for walking. it is important that breast-band hold on ferret's neck tight enough or ferret rids of it for 10-30 seconds.

7. carrying case. You need it for trips out of the town, for exhibitions, etc. carrying case should be from safe plastic (not wickerwork or textile basket ) and the door should be metal with safe bolts.

Ferret Care Guide